Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Mom’s 80th Birthday Celebration!

Warning! Warning! Warning!

Many pictures ahead! My whole  family (we were missing my nephew, Seth, stationed in Hawaii)finally got together to celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday after being postponed twice due to snow. We also included my dad’s 84th and my nephew’s 36th, Ben’s 30th, Maegan's 20th and Zack’s 7th “heart” birthday, and Jim’s 58th! We just kept adding blessings as we went though the prayer!

We kept those cameras going and although we posed for many pictures, some of my favorites include the goofing around ones while we were getting situated! But as you can see, we didn’t lack for hugs!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 005

My mom with her 3 great granddaughters! There is a great grandson in the “oven.”

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 017

Amanda (daughter-in-law) and Linda, my nephew’s wife.

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 024

My mom with all of her granddaughters (including greats and in-laws)

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 127

Me and Jim with my parents!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 106 

My mom and dad with the grandsons! Tipp will be here next time!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 102

This is those guys goofing off before the “real” picture! Gotta love it!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 085

My nephew Phil and his love Maegan! I feel the love!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 036

The master chef aka hubby!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 072

Sister-in-law Terry serves cake after our ghetto birthday candle!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 080

Me and my brother goofing off!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 129

My mom and dad with my son, their youngest grandchild!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 121

Jenni (and Tipp) and Ben with mom and dad!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 136

Feeling the love from my sister-in-law, Terry!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 138

Mom and granddaughter, Allie getting a big hug!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 049

Me and two of my best friends, Deb and Michele……….going on 25 years!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 096

My two sisters-in-law, Linda and Terry. Do they match or clash?

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 033

My dad and my brother, David contemplating the fun…………..or maybe the food?

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 057

Mom and the BIG cake!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 123

Mom and dad with Zack and Amanda!Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 132

Nephew, Sterling looking like he was up to something!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 044

Mom and dad opening gifts!

Mamaw's 80th Birthday Party 083

Group hug!

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Old Lamps!

So what do you do when you repaint the living room yellow and your silver lamps just don’t match anymore???

You buy a couple cans of spray paint and wait for a warm, spring day and throw down a tarp over the deck and PAINT ‘em!

2010 Snow at the Beach 046

2010 Snow at the Beach 049

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beach Snow 2010

We woke up to 2-3 inches of snow at North Myrtle Beach on Saturday morning. The temp was 32 but the roads were totally fine. Here are a few pics!

Me being silly!


Snow on the dunes!

2010 Snow at the Beach 021

My son-in-law, Ben made a snow monkey!

2010 Snow at the Beach 019

A sad beach flag!

2010 Snow at the Beach 016

Snow on the dunes and fence!

2010 Snow at the Beach 032

How ironic! A snow covered palm tree!

2010 Snow at the Beach 039

The bush by the pool. Swimming anyone?

2010 Snow at the Beach 046

Mine (right) and my brother’s (left) townhouses! Thanks big bro for setting me straight!

2010 Snow at the Beach 012

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow……………again, but at the beach???

We came down to our beach house on Thursday evening for a long Valentine’s day weekend. Mid-week, the weather report called for a lot of sun and highs in the high 40’s to low 50’s. Hey that works for me in February! Nothing like a lot of sunshine to chase away the winter blues.

Well that all changed to a little snow expected, then 1-3 inches and then 3-5 inches! I have no idea how much we’ll really get and I don’t think the roads will be bad. But I can’t wait to take pictures!

Here’s the forecast for the area!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Treadmill Running!

Honestly, I have never run on a treadmill as I have always run outdoors. Quite a few friends talked about “running 3 miles last night” so I finally figured out what they were doing. My first thought was that they were cheating!

But, I decided it was a pretty good idea. That way, if I couldn’t get my run done during the day, I could do it at night………………or in the morning…………………….nah…………………….I don’t do mornings!

Jenni recommended Sears and sure enough I got a good deal at $200 off. I always think my car is bigger than it really is, but that box was not fitting in my car. Zack and Amanda met us at Sears the next day with their Envoy and brought it home. They even put it together for us! Thanks ya’ll!


New Treadmill 008

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Unique Candle

I like candles and Jim saw this in a Wind and Weather Catalogue and bought it for me for Christmas last year. This year he bought some Christmas scented beeswax refill!

Snow Jan 2010 001

We had it fired up just in case we lost power during the snow. The ambiance was nice!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Homemade Soup?

I love to make soup! Maybe I love it because it’s only one pot and one bowl and you can put all kind of stuff in it. You can make it on the stove or you can make it in the crockpot. I think I like it because you can simmer it, and walk away and add a salad and then poof, it’s a meal!

I like homemade soup the best, although, I do like Progresso Soups and have eaten my fair share for lunch at work. But I have discovered Bear Creek Soups. They are so easy, yet taste so good. One envelope plus 8 cups of water make a half gallon. It’s homemade when I add chicken and peas and corn, right??




The Potato Soup is my favorite and the first one I tried. It’s especially good with a bag of frozen peas or corn or carrots. Then I tried the Vegetable Beef. It needs some meat and a few veggies, but the base is really tasty! Next I tried the Chicken Noodle. I added chicken and peas……………..yum!

Homemade?  Yeah………………………………..I made it at HOME!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Christmas Card that wasn’t!

I like to take a picture of the whole family for my Christmas card that used to be a letter. Got too lazy! Then I decided to go green and email a letter. Did that last year!

Took the picture this year but never did the letter! Never decided on the picture!


Thanksgiving 2009 237

or this?

Thanksgiving 2009 238

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I don’t know what it is but whenever it snows I want to cook bean soup! Maybe because it’s a warm stick-to-your-ribs kind of meal!

In the crockpot, before!

Snow Jan 2010 001

On the table, after!

Snow Jan 2010 008

Monday, February 1, 2010

Going, Going, Gone!


Jim and I had a date……………………with the shovels and ice blade thingies today. It was a fun snow but I really need to get to work tomorrow!

In the beginning……….

Snow Jan 2010 017

Working in sections, we had to chop the ice!

Snow Jan 2010 028

A few clear spots!

Snow Jan 2010 020

I see black asphalt!

Snow Jan 2010 021

Slide it to the side!

Snow Jan 2010 029

Clear, at least a path for me to get out!

Snow Jan 2010 032

My runway!

Snow Jan 2010 035

This isn’t ice; it’s salt from the water softener so the water running across the driveway won’t freeze tonight!

Snow Jan 2010 040

Jim hard at work to keep the ice at bay!

Snow Jan 2010 041