Saturday, December 19, 2009

Drinking Wine from a Pitcher!

I make wine! usually I buy the juice from a kit, still homemade, but no stomping grapes for me!
But about a year and half ago I made some blueberry wine with fresh blueberries, at least 5 or 6 quarts and water sugar and yeast. They say it needs to age so put it away and forget about it for a year. That is exactly what I did!

Everyone keeps asking if I've bottled it yet and I just keep forgetting. I taste it every time I rack it (move it from one fermenter to another) and it is getting GOOD!

So when we had our big family Thanksgiving dinner, Zack asked about it and of course no bottling had occurred. So we fixed that problem! He poured it directly from the carboy into a pitcher! Wonder how many other Thanksgiving dinners included a "pitcher" of blueberry wine?

Notice the box of bottles in the left corner, just waiting for the good juice!

No Thanksgiving table is complete without a pitcher of wine.

Zack pouring a BIG glass!

Zack stealing some to take home!