Saturday, September 26, 2009

Training for the Half Marathon!

My friend, Lindsey, from work who is my daughter’s age, has talked me into running a half marathon. So I decided it could be on my bucket list! What’s a little ole 13.1 miles? The way I figure it, if worse came to worse, I’ll just walk the whole thing. So back in May, I signed up for the Outerbanks Half-Marathon. Then at another friend, Joyce's suggestion, I went to Runner’s World online and got a training plan for 12 weeks. I entered a previous race time, how hard I want to train, the date of the race and what kind of race and lo and behold, you get a nifty little plan telling you when to run and how far in so many minutes. I’ve actually been pretty good at following the plan, but lately they have added a long run in the middle of the week. A five miler on Thursdays! I can just hear it now, asking my boss if I can leave early to go home to run??

Some days I just don’t feel like running and my times are terrible. I end up walking the majority of it. But I figured I am moving in a forward direction so that’s ok.

Today was a good run and it was mostly a run, not much walking at all, 4.5 miles  in 54 minutes and 32 seconds! Let me do that math for ya, oh my Garmin did it already. That’s an average of 12 minutes and 7 seconds per mile. I am getting better!

My goal is to finish the half in under 3 hours! Gotta keep running!

Gel Nails!

Those of you who know me, know that I am NOT a prissy girl! I am a bit of a Tom-Boy, out running and training for my half-marathon (it’s on my bucket list!), riding my bike, painting a room here and there; but I do like to look nice. At least I try! I like nice but comfy casual clothes and I don’t spent a whole lot of money on my hair. Guess you can tell, huh? A few years ago, I started going to a salon and spent about an hour and a half and $$$$$ later for cut, color, highlighting and style. Although my friends said it looked good, they didn’t think it looked much better than when I did it myself! Oh well, back to Great Clips and a bottle of color!

So now my new beauty thing is gel nails! I have never had pretty nails and I always kept them short so as not to draw attention to them. They are thin and uneven where the nail extends past the nail bed. By the way, that is called the hyponychium. I googled it to be sure!

My best friend opened a spa in Pittsboro, Spa at Bell House and I have a monthly membership that allows me a spa treatment every month………for a fee. I have had massages, facials, foot reflexology and last month I tried gel nails. I have had acrylic nails before with tips and ended up removing them shortly after the “event.” They just felt weird, like I had something stuck on my fingers. The gel nails are different. They feel normal, natural and supposedly are better for you than acrylic. I am enjoying them and keep splaying out my hand and fingers and admiring them!

We’ll see how long I keep it up!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lexington Senior High School, Class of 76, Mini-Reunion


Yay for FaceBook! Yes I now some of you are leery of it; afraid someone will find out something about you and invade your privacy. However, you can control what goes on there, who can find you and who to be friends with. Over the past year I have gotten reacquainted with quite a few of my friends from high school and I haven’t seen nor heard from some of them in 33 years! yes, I am THAT old!

Rick Carpenter is a fellow LSHS graduate who went to NCSU and actually became better friends with my ex-husband as they were both in textiles together. He and chatted it up one night and decided that we should have our own little casual, mini-reunion for FaceBook friends. The real, every ten years thing is fun too, but it’s often loud with music and hard to hear when all everybody really wants to do is just sit and chat! So the two of us planned one of our own.

We met on the Saturday after labor day at Lexington Barbeque Center (I think that’s the real name) AKA The HoneyMonk or The Monk. That’s where we all went for lunch (back when you could leave school for that) and after ballgames etc. Then we went to Childress Winery and had a tour and a wine tasting.  The out-of-towners checked into the hotel, Comfort Suites in Lexington, where my cousin, Mark Marley works. he got us a really good rate of $60 a night! Glad we got to see him as he is also in the Class of 76. It was slow, so he hung out in the little breakfast social area with us. We first sat out by the pool and had some fun, adult beverages, then ended up ordering pizza and chatting in to the wee early morning!

I brought along my trusty 1976 Annual and Kathleen being local, filled us in on where everyone was, who married who and sometimes divorced and remarried another who. Sadly, we learned that quite a few have passed on, yet we celebrated the successes of our classmates.

whole gang

Some of the late crowd. Many had come and gone and some came to only one or the other “events.

Mark Marley

Cousin Mark! My mom’s sister’s youngest son. I think we are only about 2-3 weeks apart in age!

mini-reunion chatting

Sitting and chatting!


Everyone had so much fun and we plan to do it again in the spring. Hopefully the word will get out and more will come. Maybe some  thought we were just “talking!

Friday, September 18, 2009

No More Dark Teal Green!

We built our house and moved in 13 years ago I picked dark green teal with white trim for both the living room and dining room. I swear it looked good back then! I am just tired of it and needed a change. The hubby went to our beach house for three weeks and while he was gone when I could totally control the TV remote, I sweated my evenings away in the dining room!

Painting the dining room 003

Moved everything into the living room.

Painting the dining room 001

The china cabinet was the last thing out. I bought some cool sliders so I didn’t scratch the floor!

Painting the dining room 006

Patched some holes!

Painting the dining room 008

Fixed some cracks that have been there since just after we moved in!

Painting the dining room 010

Tried out the orange……………….too pumpkiny. You know I hate pumpkin and sweet potatoes anyway!

Painting the dining room 011

Lots of priming. It needed 2 coats to cover the green!

Painting the dining room 015


Painting the dining room 020

Even sponge painted the light fixture. Brass is so last century!

Painting the dining room 030

Taped off the trim. Time consuming but so worth it in the end!

Painting the dining room 040

Now for new curtains? Ideas anyone?

Painting the dining room 044

Pictures all hung too!

Painting the dining room 038

Now for the living room!