Sunday, January 31, 2010

Does it count as “Getting Dressed?”

Saturdays can be lazy days and sometimes I don’t get dressed until late in the afternoon! We sit around and finish a pot of coffee, then I can piddle around in my jammies or gown, cleaning or doing odd and sundry house chores until later in the day. Well this Saturday was a SNOW DAY! I decided that even with the snow, I must get out to do some exercise even if I couldn’t run.

It was COLD! The temp was 28 when I got up, but dropped throughout the day to about 24 by noon. I was already cold so I decided I’d better get warm before I went outside so I got in the shower to run hot water over my feet. I ended up showering except for washing my hair and quickly dried off and put on my running tights. Next was a running shirt and my ski bibs, wool socks and then boots and a ski jacket and hat, gloves and out the door quickly because I got so hot!

I walked a good two miles and came in hot and sweaty and stripped down to my running shirt and tights and that’s what I stayed in all day long. So my question is………….does this count as getting dressed for the day?

Of course I got dressed! The defining point here is that I PUT ON A BRA!!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Little Sontu Pot

I’m a southern girl and I like sweet iced tea. Well now I use splenda, still sweet but no calories! But, I have began to drink hot tea; getting a little sophisticated I guess and working on that little pinky pose!

My sister-in-law took me to tea in Leesburg and then Jenni, Meg and her mom Kathy and me went to tea when we visited the DC area last June. That’s where I found my little Sontu pot at a gift shop in Middleburg. It’s made by Tea Forte and I have an insert for loose tea or a top with a hole for the pyramid tea bags. Guess you could use plain old tea bags too, but presentation is everything, right?

Then Pat, Hilary, Jenni and I had tea at The Pineapple Tea Room is Apex back in the summer. We bought some nice teas there by Octavia. Note to self; go back there soon!

After a 2 mile walk in the cold windy snow, I made a pot of peach tea that Jim and I got from the Charleston Tea Plantation when we toured it for our anniversary  just before Christmas. Yum!

Snow Jan 2010 024

I am pretty sure it was a compliment?

My neighbor’s daughter invited me to be her “friend” on Facebook and she is 12 or 13 I think. Well of course I accepted! So I saw her on-line last night and we chatted about the snow and I could tell she was really excited (me too!) and we were remarking about how hard it was snowing and on and on.

So, Jim and I bundled up and went out for a nice lil walk and ran into her dad. I asked if Tierney was out sledding and then made a comment about us chatting last night. He told me that she came to ask him and her mom how “old” I was because I didn’t chat like an old person! LOL

I wonder if I could borrow her sled?

Snow Jan 2010 019

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Garmin Review!

I was playing around with my Garmin, deleting stupid entries, you know the ones where you accidently hit start and have a 0 mile run! Then I looked at my totals since I bought it last May. I see that I have run 88 times for a total of 262.44 miles! I burnt off 30, 234 calories! Let see, divide that by 3,500 calories per pound and I supposedly have lost 8.63 pounds! Really, where did they go???




Progress Summary Report for nchokiemom

88 Activities

262.44 mi

58:02:09 h:m:s

Elevation Gain:
56,457 ft

Avg Speed:
4.5 mph

Avg HR:
142 bpm

30,234 C