Monday, August 31, 2009

My Friends Aren't Keeping Up With Their Blogging!

Everyday is a treat to check all of my friends' blogs! It's just the highlight of my day to see cute pictures of babies growing up, silly signs on the road, new recipes, renovation project updates, random thoughts that make me think, race results, vacation name it. I think that must be why I like reading them because you just never know what you're going to see.

Here of lately, no new blogs! Come on Jenni, come on Joyce, come on Cathy. And yeah, come on Marianne!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Revolving Door

Sometimes our beach house can be empty for 3-4 weeks, but we love the area so much, we try to go down at least once a month in the winter. Sometimes I even think the fall and winter is the best time down there. October is a lovely month; low humidity, warm sunny days, cool nights and the ocean is still warm enough to go swimming.

But, in the summer, the place is usually occupied! Between us, and all the fun beach holidays like Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day, we go down there frequently. We usually do some long weekends every other weekend since I work at Student Health and the students are mostly gone and I can take liberal time off. The we usually go down for a week at Memorial day, 2 weeks over the 4th and extended time over Labor day.

But our house was full non-stop pretty much from early July until mid August. I call it the "revolving door!" Jim, Alex and I went down on July 2nd until July 12th and Jim stayed another week. I went back down for a long weekend, Friday til Monday and came home on the 20th. My son, Zack, and his wife, Amanda went on July 23rd and Jim and I, Alex, our youngest and my daughter and her hubby joined them on July 31st. We all celebrated Amanda's birthday! We left on August 3rd after spending an hour overlapping with my brother and sister-in-law. They came down for a few days, leaving on Saturday, August 8th, just a few hours before my bestie, Pat and her family arrived. They stayed a week, leaving on Friday, August 14th and we arrived that evening. We stayed until Monday. Unfortunately I had to be back for Freshmen move in day at Duke on Tuesday! Now we are headed down Thursday night and my hubby will be staying 3 weeks. Unfortunately, I'll have to work most of next week but will return for Labor Day!

I guarantee you that we will go back for a few "bonus days" before the holidays! And I am sure you all are totally bored with all of these dates about my revolving door. However, I wonder how many of you will offer to pass through the revolving door? :-)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

His and Hers Grills!

My husband is the grill master! I love grilled food but I hate the wait and Jim is particular about his grilling. No lighter fluid, use a chimney, stacks the briquettes just so and we usually end up eating an hour later than planned. I don't touch "his" grill! I am afraid to even lift the lid or he will come running to take over. However, I want to grill different foods................................squash, corn, salmon. That's stuff he doesn't like, probably won't eat and darn well won't grill!

So, I bought me a grill today. It's a gas one and fast! Turn on the valve, open the lid, turn the knob, click the button and like magic, there's fire! Now all I need is some grilling food!

Just to check it out, I rewarmed slices of pork loin that Jim grilled on HIS grill last night. Note the pronouns "I"! I foresee a lot of outside cooking!

I got the idea for this blog from my dad after he posted a comment to my status about me buying a grill. He said "that comment deserves a blog!" Here ya go daddy!