Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Bithday Jim!

For Jim's 57th Birthday, we stole away to our beach house for a quiet sunny and warmer weekend to bring in Spring! I took Friday off and we went down Thursday night, giving us an extra day.

I walked a mile with Jim and then set out for a quick bike ride and headed for the beach. The tide was out and it was flat, hard, sunny and gorgeous so I rode all the way down to Crescent Beach before I decided I'd better head back. When I turned around I realized really quick that I had been riding with the wind on my back! The headwind was so fast, I decided to get off the beach and ride back! It ended up being almost 10 miles!

We had an appetizer, salad and an Irish Stout at T-Bonz, I got a new pair of running shoes (on sale) and a couple of Izod polo shirts for Jim (also on a super sale.) Jim had been wanting a newer bigger grill for the beach, so we checked around and ended up at Dew's Hardware because their hardware part of the store was closing and we got it for 25% off. So that was his birthday present.
We figured we really ought to break it in, so we stopped at Bi-Lo for some chicken and Lime Tequila Marinade, and fresh asparagus. Then we headed over to Eugene Platt's for some fresh jumbo shrimp. I marinated the shrimp in the tequila lime chipotle marinade for almost an hour and then skewered them. Jim grilled the chicken in mesquite barbecue sauce and then the shrimp while I steamed the asparagus and cooked rice. It was yummy! Now're heading out for another walk!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Snow to Summer in One Week!

This is March in Carolina where you can go from heat to air conditioning in the same day! We went from snow on Monday to the beach on Friday with spring-like weather to boot! Last Monday we had 4 inches of snow and it got down to 12 that night barely getting out of the 30's during the day. Each day and night was a bit warmer so I joined Amanda and Zack at our beach house for the weekend. It wasn't as warm as it was in Pittsboro, but we had temps in the low sixties on Saturday and high sixties on Sunday and plenty o'sunshine! That ocean breeze across the 56 degree water was chilled by comparison to inland's highs of 70's and low 80's.

We walked and ran and dipped our toes in the surf and then plopped in the chairs in only t-shirts and shorts! We washed the dog and both cars, fixed flats on the golf cart and charged it up real well, got haircuts and color, ate seafood and ice cream, visited with friends and cleaned out the closet under the stairs! I even had a glass of wine and a raspberry-chocolate martini! YUMMY!

Gotta get the Collins' condo all spiffed up for summer! I really hated leaving today, but it was a little easier knowing I'll be going right back next weekend for the St. Patrick's Day Festival at Ocean Drive!

On my way to the beach!
Zack and Amanda on the beach!
I had just finished a 4.5 run/walk with Amanda!
Looking out in the wonder!
Zack working on the old trusty golf cart! How else are we gonna schlep our stuff to the beach and pool?
Chillin on the beach!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Late Snow in March!

It's rare, but it does happen in North Carolina...............snow that is. But on March 2nd!

It is very pretty and probably won't last long. I stayed at home to take the phone calls from the staff and adjust the schedules, but it's now 8:21 and I think I'll shower and head in! Maybe all of the crazies are off the roads now!